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Insulated Sandwich panel is a single piece factory engineered unit comprising two metal outer faces on either side of an insulated core material. The metal facings are adhered to the core resulting in a self supporting structure. The outer face of the panel is usually constructed from colour steel, and can be supplied in a variety of profiles, finishes and colours. The panel is a lightweight complete wall/roof system that is prefinished on both sides, self supporting, has an insulation value, is quick to erect and is easy to clean.

Typically insulated panels in New Zealand use an expanded polystyrene core, although a variety of insulated cores are available including fire rated (PIR) and mineral Parco Mineral wool (fire rated). Panel thicknesses range from 50mm up to 250mm limited in length only by transport methods. Insulated panel is used in a variety of applications ranging from cool stores to commercial exterior wall claddings and roofing.


Polystyrene Sandwich Panel
Since the early 1980s our company has undertaken a large variety of Polystyrene Sandwich Panel work. We have used this product in the food processing areas, for freezers and cool rooms and for the meat, dairy and seafood industries. We have also used sandwich panel for the roofs of supermarkets, dairy sheds, for construction of wineries and for commercial buildings from offices to schools.


Kingspan PIR Panel
This is a foam core fire rated panel and is used in areas that Polystyrene panel is used but offers extra peace of mind with its fire rated core. This is a newly imported product to New Zealand having only been on the market here from the early 2000’s.

Paroc Mineral Wool Panel
This is an imported panel with a mineral wool core used widely in Europe and the Pacific Rim. This product is used in the construction industry on buildings requiring a light weight building material with excellent finish and fire rating properties. This product is new to the New Zealand market from mid 2000s. Again this product is replacing Polystyrene where fire rating is the major concern.

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