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Southern Insulation offers a range of services that relate to the fire rating of structural steel work, air supply ducting, kitchen grease extract ducts and a wide range wall and floor service penetrations. This can cover dry walls, concrete walls and floors and the services vary to include electrical, data, air ducts, plastic piping and steel and copper piping penetrations.

We work closely with approved suppliers of fire rated products, the local area building inspectors and the fire engineers to ensure that the client is getting an approved and/or a certified system that meets the required fire rated integrity.

While a large amount of the fire rating undertaken by our company relates to the structural integrity of the path of travel (the ability for people to exit a building through a given path in a fire), there are also cases when property itself must be fire rated to ensure building stability and protection. For example, to stop a building from falling on to another building, or to contain a fire long enough for emergency services to attend and deal with the situation at hand.

We have noticed over the last couple of years that there is more of a requirement for records, certification of products/systems and the use of approved applicators. These requirements are helping to remove the cowboys from the industry and are giving the client peace of mind that the work and system will do the job if and when required.

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