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Asbestos was widely used in the construction industry in New Zealand during the 50s through to the mid 70s. Long term exposure to asbestos is known to cause a variety of respiratory related illnesses. As such New Zealand has adopted strict regulations related to the handling and disposal of asbestos.

We have a number of our staff that are currently registered with the Department of Labour as certified to handle and remove Asbestos. Removal jobs vary from small domestic textured ceilings and Asbestos vinyl backing materials to large industrial and commercial removals. This can involve Asbestos cement roof cladding, flat sheet Asbestos cement boards, Asbestos pipe lagging from steam and heating pipe work, Asbestos fire rating products, Asbestos electrical cables and water pipes, Asbestos gasket materials and even Asbestos textured ceiling coatings.


Asbestos is found in many products, including:

> Cement board cladding

> Textured ceilings

> Vinyl

> Roofing 

> Switchboards

> Gaskets

> Pipe insulation 

> Sprayed insulation

> Internal workings of older heaters and ventilation systems

> Brake linings, insulation and other internal components of older machinery

Buildings built, altered or refurbished up until the mid-1980s are likely to contain ACMs.  Buildings built after 1 January 2000 are less likely to contain ACMs, but some buildings built after this time have been found to contain asbestos.

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