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There are many forms of Industrial Insulation in which Southern Insulation has been involved with over the years. Projects range from small repair jobs to large multimillion dollar developments such as the insulation of geothermal power plants. Other works include the insulation of boilers for the dairy and meat industries, pipe insulation for the delivery of plant steam, hot water and refrigeration and everything in between.

The industrial projects that we complete the insulation on almost always involve a cladding system over an insulated system on some plant item, such as a vessel, pipe or tank. This cladding can be a stainless steel, alloy, galvanised metal, colour steel or even plastic cladding system. The cladding can be from profiled sheet, flat sheet or a coiled product.

Over the last 25 years there is not much in the way of industrial insulation that our company has not encountered. Between the four Southern Insulation branches there is over 100 years of management experience.

Recent projects include the completion of the Kawarau 105MW geothermal power plant pipe work and vessels, several chimneys and boilers for the dairy and meat industry and the insulation of bitumen storage tanks.

Our client base covers most industries, the following are some examples: petro-chemical, power generation, meat and dairy, fishing and timber, aluminium production and some of the larger Engineering companies in New Zealand.

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