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Health and Safety
Southern Insulation is committed to an ongoing improvement to health and safety. Our goal is for the staff to Come to work safe – be at work safe – go home safe. Our aim this year is to move to an ACC accredited rating of secondary. As a company we work on a larger number of commercial and industrial sites that have a varying degree of Health and safety requirements. To ensure that staff complies with these requirements they carry out inductions, tool box and safety meetings, safety education and safety training.





We have a waste reduction policy to reduce the amount of waste that we send to the land fill, this involves the recycling of cardboard, newspapers, waste oil and scrap metals. The staff is encouraged to recycle.

Southern Insulation is currently looking at reducing power consumption by fitting light sensors where possible, installing and replacing sky lights and fitting energy smart light bulbs. These efforts all give better workshop lighting.

We run a fleet of over 30+ motor vehicles and have an ongoing policy to continuously look at replacing vehicles in the older age group of our fleet with vehicles that are more fuel efficient and cleaner burning. All vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced helping our existing fleet run cleaner.

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