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Asbestos & Insulation Survey

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Asbestos Surveying 

Southern Insulation has a sister company called ASM NZ who we work closely with to provide Asbestos Surveying. 

There are three types of asbestos surveys that we can undertake on a building:

  • Management Survey

  • Refurbishment Survey

  • Demolition Survey


For more information on Asbestos Surveying please visit or give us a call today 

Insulation Survey 

From 1 July 2019, it became compulsory for all rental properties to meet the new minimum insulation requirements. All landlords should check that the insulation at their properties meet the standards and take action if necessary. Southern Insulation can conduct an Insulation Survey in your property and give recommendations where needed. 

For more information on the current standards and protocols please visit

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